Chinese Music Notes Transposer


By Linda Xue (薛思昀), member of the Boston Chinese Musicians Association

Special Characters/特殊音符 (for copy pasting/用于复制和粘贴目的): sharp/升 - #, flat/平 - ♭

This transposer can switch between letter notation/diatonic and numbered notation/jianpu/这个音符转调器可用于简谱与五线谱之间转换.

Please leave a space between notes/请在音符之间留一个空格.

Letter Notes Example/五线谱音符示例: A B C

Number Notes Example/简谱音符示例: 1 2 3

Valid Music Keys to Input/有效的音乐调性输入: C, G, D, A, E, F, B♭, E♭, A♭, C♭, B, G♭, F#, D♭, C#

Valid Numbers to Input/有效的数字输入: 1-7

Convert Notes from Letters to Numbers/五线谱转为简谱

Letter Notes/五线谱:

Convert Notes from Numbers to Letters/简谱转为五线谱

Number Notes/简谱:

Transpose Number Notes to Number Notes/简谱换调

Number Notes/简谱:

Video Tutorial/视频使用说明

English Tutorial/英文使用说明

Chinese Tutorial/中文使用说明